Thoughts for the “New Year,” a year that’s either going to be “Intermission” or “Act Three.”


“SATISFIED,” a fancy word for “QUIT.”


…and the demise of your “True Nature,” who and what you were meant to be. If one does not have a silent hidden dream to be “more” than they are, then you have accepted to be “less” than what you think you deserve and that breeds “contempt” for self and for others.
There is only one “Justification” for “being satisfied,” and that is knowing the “Meaning” and the “Pure Origin” of your “Effort.” Then all you do will be good and you will be satisfied with what you do, then, what you do will no longer be that important, your “Effort” becomes “Effortless,” “Achievement” is within reach.


Our enemy’s intention is not to kill us, it’s to force us to “Quit,” then their “Effort” becomes less, we will kill ourselves by trusting those who encourage us to be “Satisfied” with THEIR efforts, unaware that, being “Satisfied” leads to “Quitting.”




It’s the difference between being a “Father” or a “Dad,” which one would you rather have? Also ask yourself, what would you rather have, someone who is “Presidential” and “Satisfied” or one who is NOT “Presidential” and NEVER “Satisfied.”




I went to a College, ULA, the University of “Larimer Avenue,” our major, “Never Quit” and “Never take Shit” from anyone, our professors, they called themselves “The Rogues,” our curriculum, weekly “Tune Ups.” What did I learn, when someone would tell me to be satisfied with “what I am,” I responded with very articulate…”Fuck You.”