“NO” Vs “YES”


“The Artist must be willing to risk it all for the sake of Creativity.”


“YES” Vs “NO”


For the “Gatekeepers in Hollywood,” “NO” is a power word, for those approaching the “Gates,” “YES” is a word of “Desperation.” It is the “desperate who often hear the word “NO.” Because they lack the “Courage” to say “NO,” they lack the understanding that within every “NO” there is a “YES” struggling to be released. So, it is the “Resistance for “Struggle,” that one “Quits.”

Four years ago I looked in the mirror, staring back at me was an image of “Frustration” “Desperation.” As I looked into the eyes of this poor confused fellow, and made a “Confession”…”being an Actor was Not my “PASSION,” I do it to make a living, to support my family, so why shouldn’t I compromise, take anything that is offered me, after all if there is no “Passion” there is no “Risk.” My real “Passion” “DIRECTING & TEACHING” is locked away in a vault, ‘Safe and Unmolested’ by the poisonous fangs of “Critics.” No longer vulnerable of the perverted opinions of other’s attempts to make me change. They are safely locked away because I refused to ‘Compromise’ my “INTEGRITY,” and for my “Courage” to say “NO.”

I no longer take myself serious as an Actor, I turned “PRO,” I have to support my wife, our dog Kellie Frances, our cat Phyllis and my new “Passion,” “WRITING.” and began hearing the sound of “YES” more often, I started working. I am now free to say “NO,” in fact I did just that a few days ago…”I said “NO” to an opportunity to audition for a Feature Film, WHY? Because the “Gatekeeper” of the film lacked “INTEGRITY,” he did not understand why I needed a “Character Breakdown” so I could come prepared, he wanted another “Hollywood Talking Head Actor,” which fortunately, I am NOT. “INTEGRITY” is my “GOOMBAH” that will “Take a Bullet for my “PASSION.”

There is a “Rapid Decline” in Hollywood of the “American Male Actor,” Why, the shortage of “Real Men,” who HAD the “Balls” to say “NO.”

There is a new film out about one of the “Greatest American Country Singers” that ever lived, Hank Williams, they cast a “British Actor” to portray him. I do not care how good a job this Actor has done, Hank Williams was an “AMERICAN,” that was in his “Soul” and his ‘Beautiful Voice,” when he sang those “Heartfelt Lyrics.”