“The Good Actor” is attached to Technique
“The Great Actor” is attached to Themselves (method)
“The Genius Actor” is attached to “NOTHING”

“Passion unattended is a Flame that will burn itself to Destruction.”
Kahlil Gibran



For the Actor/Artist, “FREEDOM” is the “Flame of their Passion.” “Letting Go” is how they attend to it. It is Others and Things that gives us ‘Freedom,” so if we do not Attach ourselves to Others and Things, “Freedom” is Natural, allowing “What we were meant to Be” to Emerge.

Words have No Meaning for the Actor/Artist unless those words have within them, Images. Technique, Method, etc. are fancy words for “How To,” (they have no images) resulting for the Actor/Artist, “No place to go.” “NOTHING and DOING NOTHING” is “Boundless,” resulting in “Endless Choices.” Now the word “Choices” has meaning. The Actor/Artist has done “Nothing” allowing the Audience to make THEIR own Choices, they are now Involved, opposed to just watching in Awe of “Great performances,” when they could have been, thrilled, disturbed, happy, sad, their own Emotions stirred, images of their own staying with them for days, for some, never forgotten.
This is the “Power” of winning in the Audition, when they, the “Gatekeepers” think they saw something they never saw before, when in fact, it was just their own “Images and Feelings” they experienced. The Actor/Artist just picked their “Emotional Pockets,” they ripped them off and made a “Clean Getaway.”
What did the Actor/Artist do?   “NOTHING.”