In the United States, “Sporting Events” and “Athletes” supersede “Artistic Events” and “Artists.” Americans are “Goal Oriented,” driven by “Competition,” for “THEM,” “Winning” is everything,” for the “ARTIST,” “Effort” is everything. For the “Competitor,” “PATIENCE” is not necessary, for the “ARTIST,” it is the “Canvas” upon which they Reveal the “Beauty and Intention” of Nature. “Competition” is not “Natural,” and what is not Natural has the tendency to “RUSH,” and what is “Rushed,” “DIVIDES.”



There is only one thing worse than Dwelling on the Past, that’s Dwelling on the “FUTURE.” One no longer Exist, the other Does not “YET” Exist. For the Actor on an Audition, this is “Catastrophic,” (you non-actors who will STOP reading now, remember, everyone “Auditions” for one reason or another, everyone want’s something or another).



Dwelling on the “FUTURE” means “Who & What” One “IS” has “NOT YET” arrived. One is “Goal Oriented,” one has learned to think “Completion,” (future), “Expectation” (past), what “Does not Exist” is the “Absence of Belief.” (present).


“Who and What” One was or will be, lacks “ENERGY,” therefore cannot “ATTRACT” what is “Desired,” One is “Unplugged,” “Unlit” and “Unmoving.”



To be an Actor, One must have the “ENERGY,” (charismatic circle) to “Attract” the “Focus” of others, they have a “Story to Tell,” and they are Driven by “Inner Instincts” to Distract the “Woes & Worries” of the Non-Actors (audience), if only for a short while. They bring back “What Was,” and give a “Glimpse” of “What will be.”



They are “Healers” and “Scientist” when they work, and when their “Work” works, they become “Movie Makers” holding in Captivity “Movie Goers” with the “suggestive simplicity” of “NOT YET.”