“The toughest thing for the Actor to do, is to do “Nothing.”
Clint Eastwood

In Hollywood the word “NO” is a power word, what I can remember from the real world growing up, “No” was a control word.
The very things that are taught in childhood, “Not to do” and “To do” are the very things that make a great actor.

Why “Doing Nothing” is a hard thing for the actor to trust (before we can do anything, we must first trust it), because ‘Nothing’ is derived from the word “NO” (No-Thing), we don’t like to hear it. We’ve even taught ourselves to say ‘No’ to ourselves.

No & Yes are like a switch that turns a light On & Off. The actor who “Makes It” is the actor who’s switch is stuck in the ‘On’ position. That actor cannot and does not hear the word ‘No.” Oh it was said to them many times, but they are the ones who “politely and with great articulation, respond with, Firmly, the two more powerful words in this business…”FUCK YOU.”