The “ACTOR” should carry with them at all times a “DIME,” it is the smallest of coins (small delivery) and represents “10” the highest intensity (big impact).

The “DIME” will encourage the “young and aspiring” Actor to “REACH,” not “rummage.” P.C. Affirmative Action, Entitlements teaches them, “Open Palm up,” the “DIME,” “Knuckles up.”

The “DIME” represents “10 Rounds,” the others, “Taking a Dive,” going home early, unmarked, opposed to “Open Wounds” that may never heal. Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson went 15 grueling rounds in “Black & White” trunks, today, they go 12 easy rounds in pretty “rainbow color baggies” & tattoos. tiptoe and slap their way through the rounds.

Today it’s, “Get the Job, Do the Job, Learn the Job, previous generations, “Learn the Job, Get the Job, Do the Job. Today, they no longer need to go “10” rounds, so why should they, is the attitude. Hence the “Decline of the American Leading Man & Leading lady.”
The United States is running out of “DIMES.”

“When I was young, I used to carry a bunch of “Change” in my pocket, if I had a dollar bill, I felt rich, today, my pockets are empty, I have a “fucking plastic card” in my wallet and a bunch of quarters in the ashtray to feed that “hungry beast,” the parking meter, but I am never without my “little coin,” a…”DIME.”