“Teach the actor ‘HOW TO’ and you will soon be forgotten, they may even turn on you, Inspire them ‘TO THINK’ and you will always be in their THOUGHTS.”


Now there’s a word that could start W.W.3 in this town. Use the “O” word in an acting class and you better look for the nearest exit, it’s like yelling “Fire” in a movie theater. It is “Artistically Incorrect” for the Novice Actor, to the Experienced Working Actor it is “Naturally Correct.”

For me, it is “The Foundation for the Training” of the actor and the “Core for Preparation,” get off our asses and go OUT and get it.

“Inside Out” is the “Novice Actor’s “Method,” for the Experienced Working Actor it is “Nature’s Method.” Did you ever get a thought, Idea, feeling, ever get bad news on the phone, a letter from the IRS, where in the hell do you think it came from? We shouldn’t give ourselves that much credit, we’re not that good. Thoughts, Ideas, feelings come from somewhere and it sure in the hell is not from those organs swishing around inside our bodies, what’s inside our bodies is what we had for breakfast.