“For the Artist, there is only one ‘Master Class,’ one ‘Method’…BLEED.”
…is the most “dangerous word” in the human language and to an ACTOR, it is “Arsenic. ” It motivate’s, ” I’ve done enough,” it sucker punches “Self Praise” and “Self Praise” knows, it has to be earned. It is the Parent of “Political Correctness, Affirmative Action, Entitlement.”
Most Actors today are not willing to “BLEED,” so they blame everyone and everything else. “I’ll get new head shots, new hair style, a tattoo, etc., a new agent…that’ll do it.” “That Casting Director didn’t like me,” NO, he or she didn’t like you, because you SUCKED, instead of “scars, scabs blood and wrinkles,” you have makeup and a wardrobe that hides “The Real Stuff,” the Camera doesn’t care how good you look, it’s ether is like a shark, it smells “Blood.” searching for glitches.
“Losing” creates “Character,” “Winning” will fuck you up, if you can’t handle “Losing.” If you looked like you “Bled,” you don’t have to “ACT,” let the “Real Thing” do the acting. Stop trying to please the C.D. and Producers and Agents, most of them don’t know what the hell a Director needs and the camera wants. Their “Third Eye” is $$, the Director’s “Third eye” is “The Real Thing.”
“The Director is the Actor’s first audience.”