Daniel Coyle

“The Talent Code”




…means focusing on one thing at a time, using the INTELLECT  to Teach the PHYSICAL how to learn a SKILL, through “MICRO STRUGGLING.” Being confronted with obstacles that force you to STOP and STUMBLE, using the “Mistakes and Failures” to BACKTRACK until they disappear. Making progress then becomes a matter of “Small Failures,” until you are “Challenging Yourself,” not being challenged by others.


Private Coaching should be 30 minutes  at a time, tops, “a little goes a long way,” as they say. Like eating, small bites, then lots of chewing for better “Digestion.” The Practice though, should be hours of “Stop and Stumble,” think, then begin again, repeat until breaking through, Mistakes and Failures, while focusing on the two elements   of the Actor’s instrument, the “INTELLECT” AND the “PHYSICAL,” using the Intellect to teach the Physical how to learn a “SKILL.”


To jump into acting (scene study) is premature, like “Pushing the Cart, opposed to Pulling it.” The only alternative to this type of training for the actor is, being on a professional set, working with a professional Director consistently and constantly. Group training opposed to Private training takes time, setting up the process of becoming “Bored” that eventually leads to quitting.


Six minutes of Deep Practice is equivalent to Six months, Six months of Deep Practice is equivalent to Six years of Experience. It is a “Direct Method” through “Nature & Nurture.” Acting is a Physical thing and the training should be as Athletes, Dancers, Musicians, etc. train, “Mental Preparation” and “Physical” doing it.


Practice Deep, Practice Right, Practice Often.


Based on the the book, “The Talent Code”  by Daniel Coyle