“GREATNESS can be LEARNED, but only if it already EXIST.”


You cannot Teach anything, the Lesson already Exist, there, within the Student. A Good teacher is a Motivator, A Great Teacher is a Servant, A Genius Teacher understands this and allows the Student to Teach themselves.

The Student first learns Understanding, Understanding must precede DOING, therefore, DOING becomes NOTHING, so rounding the Bases to Home plate becomes “EFFORTLESS.”


The first step is to stop the “Overdosing of “Wanting,” stop the Chasing after it, create the “Hunger” not the Craving. To continue the craving leaves the student nowhere to go except to cave into the craving of wanting more of something that does not yet exist. Staying hungry motivates “Focus,” one step at a time, that “Micro-thought” that goes unnoticed because of it’s “Simplicity.”

That first step is the Need to merely “Show Up” with no Expectations or Anticipation of that Something that does not exist yet, to just “Show Up” empty handed, empty mind, until the “hunger” for just “Showing Up” supersedes all else.

To know more than that “First step” ends the “Hunger,” renders you “Satisfied,” and that ends for the Artist, ‘The “Creative Impulse.”