It used to be with the “Industry,” “Notoriety trump’s Substance,” with this new generation of “Amateur American Actors” it’s: “Fame trumps Substance.”


…are like Professional Nurses, Doctors, Caregivers, etc. It is not their “Talent or Skills” that make them “Who & What” they are, it’s their “Unselfish, Compassionate Dedication” to help others, even for free. Having “Experience and Know How” does not necessarily mean one can “Teach It,” Advise, Yes! Inspire, No!
Professionals “Give & Share,” Amateurs, “Take & Hoard.” Amateur’s are preoccupied with earning, Professionals already earned it. Professional’s “Need” to do “It,” Amateurs “Want” to do “It.”


…are the Hollywood Professional’s “Prey,” they are the “Life Source” of the Industry. Amateur Actors are like “Desert Mice,” scurrying for “Safety” while searching for a “Nibble on the “Left Overs.” They are the “Snacks” between meals of the other “Professionals.”

Is it the “Hollywood Professional’s” fault? “NO,” is it the Amateur’s Actor’s fault? “YES.” Why? because they choose to remain an “Amateur.” How? They open their “Wallets and Hearts” while exposing their “Inexperience,” they “ALLOW” it to happen.

“PROTESTERS” are Amateurs, hiding behind signs, but they find the “Passion” some driven to “RAGE” ( hurt & harm to others), to “Demand” what they feel is due them. “Amateur Actors” are the opposite, they open their pockets to the “Parasites” and close their wallets to the “Professional Teachers,” who offer them “Skill” not “Dreams.” The “Amateur American Actor” lacks the “Courage” to “Abstain from Temptation.”

I have many years of “Experience,” more “Failures than Successes,” more “Mistakes than Right Choices,” and it is with “Enjoyment and Pleasure” that I “Share Them” in hopes of bringing to a Halt, “the “Decline of the American Actor.” and I do it with my hand in my “Own” pocket. I refuse to be an “Amateur,” therefore, if “Temptation” knocks on “My” door, it better have a damn good reason.