“PULLING the PIN” (comes from the railroad workers uncoupling the cars)…

…”oh grow up,” don’t you hate that phrase? I do, because people don’t grow up, they “change” and when people change, their “relationships” change and when their relationships change, their “world” changes.

Someone (very dear to me) once said to me…”you don’t have in you to be rich,” that person was right and I didn’t take offense, but what I did take offense was, they had no idea or clue why they were right, I did and I do.

My theory is, there are two kinds of people in the world:
The “Meat & Potato” (humility & humble) “what can I do to help others help themselves.”

The “Connoisseur” (no humility, not humble) “I know what’s best & right for everyone.”

Now the “Meat & Potato born can change and become a “Connoisseur,” but a born ‘Connoisseur” will always remain that. When and where the problem arises is, when either tries to have “one foot in two worlds.”

“Connoisseurs” are usually successful, rich & famous, maybe by “hard work” or “luck,” either way, it comes with a price, someone must “Pull the Pin.” One foot in two worlds cannot work for either, one will feel “abandonment,” the other “loss.”

I am “Meat & Potatoes,” I was born “meat & potatoes” and I will always remain “meat & potatoes.” because in that world are the “lessons” I need to learn. If I were to become a ‘Connoisseur” I would have to learn a whole new set of lessons, that is not “MY Karma.”

I know who and what I am, I know who and what’s in front of me in my relationships with strangers, family, friends & loved ones. I am, “what you see is what you get, take it or leave it.” If and when I decide to change, it will be due to MY own doing. What is in ME is MY business and off limits to everyone, that I feel should be the case for everyone.

In that sense I feel, “I Am Rich,” I think that goes for everyone also. If the “Pin is Pulled,” I and I alone will pull it.

“This is just a theory on my part and it came from a personal experience, so, as a creative person, I welcome personal experiences with open arms, wether “good or bad,” positive or negative.” For an Actor, experience is the “Blood” of their creativity, the more they “Bleed” the “Richer the Creation.”