“The ALCHEMY of ACTING SUCCESS,” turning “Lead” into “Gold” as one discovers “Inner-Balance.”

“I care not what “You” think of Me, I care only what “I” think of Me.”

Do not shy away from “Self-Centeredness,” it is your “Inner-Self” seeking “Inner-Balance.” Embracing Failure as well as Success is to “Thirst” for both equally as one “Teaches” while one “Learns.”

It is the “Opinions” and “Criticisms” of others that “Dim’s our Shine.” Shining a light on one’s self, “Light’s the Path for Others to Follow.” Success can be manifested from “Imbalance,” but to “Sustain Success,” one must have an “Inner-Balance,” “Self-Confidense” through “Self-centeredness.”

It is the “LAW of INNER-BALANCE.”

“Beneath our feet is ‘Earth,’ above our head are ‘Stars,’ how can we Not be both ‘HUMBLE’ & ‘GRAND.’ “