…which trigger’s “OPINIONS” which trigger’s “DOUBT” and “DOUBT” is the “FEEBLENESS” of one’s “CREATION.”

Of all the “Arts”, it is the “ACTOR” who is in constant search of “Reassurance,” that need to be “Right,” to be “Good,” that “Fundamental Urge” to please, “FAMILY, FRIENDS and LOVED ONES” and it is their Aunt Tilly from Omaha’s “OPINION” they will take to their Grave.

When we ask for one’s “OPINION” that is exactly what we’ll get, “One’s Opinion,” their “IDEA” springing forth from the “EGO,” an “Anemic Suggestion” that is NOT pumping the “BLOOD of WISDOM,” and is NOT based on “EXPERIENCE.”

There is only “One SIN” a “Creative Person” commits, and that “SIN” is “SELF DOUBT.”



a Fable
“A Man wandered about for many years in search for Happiness, much came into his Possession, but still no Joy remained. So he began to Complain how he had been defeated in Life.”
“WHY ME, WHY ME” he Cried as he wandered about, then he heard a Voice say…”Why not you, you’ve looked everywhere else.”

Shunryu Suzuki