“ART” is not an IDEA, it is a “MEMORY.”

Before every “Practice,” the “ACTOR/ARTIST” must enter the “Corridor of MEDITATION,” TAPPING INTO THE “Universal Storehouse,” the “Cosmic Realm” of “GENIUS.”

Practicing with “WORDS and MOVEMENT” bonds One to the “Temporal World,” of “Earthly Ideas.” It is “STILLNESS” and “SILENCE” that opens the door to the “SPIRITUAL WORLD” of “ART.” Therefore, the ACTOR does not need “Technique, Talent” or to strive for “Good” or to avoid “Bad” or to be concerned with “Secular Perfection.”

The “Film Actor” must Perfect:
“STILLNESS” of the Body, “SUBTLETY” of Movement, “SILENCE” of the Mind, “SECRECY of Choices and “SIMPLICITY” of Attitude.

They must do it with:
Commitment, Discipline, Passion, Trust and most important, “PATIENCE.”



“PRAYER is Speaking to GOD, ‘SILENCE’ is how he hears us, ‘STILLNESS’ is how he sees us. “MEDITATION” is how we Communicate” with the Universe.”