“Don’t strive to be the best of the best, be the only one who does what you do.”
Gerry Garcia
(The Grateful Dead)

Getting a movie “Green Lighted” (made), takes ” A Perfect Storm,” and the eye (core) of that storm is called “Style.” The Writer, the Director and the “A-list” actor respond to the same “Style.”

Frank Sinatra once said…”Vic Damone has the best pipes in the business, much better singer than me.” Whether he was right or wrong is not the point, what matters is, Sinatra had Charisma, Style, he had that main ingredient it also takes to make a movie, the same ingredient the Writing, Directing and Acting must and should have…”The X-factor.” Steve McQueen, not a great actor, BUT, when he was on the screen, he was all you looked at, the only one you really listened to.

When an actor goes on an audition, that audition begins and ends the moment they walk in the door, the reading is a gratuity for making the trip.

When I started as an actor, I thought I was the most important, like most actors, I was in love with MYSELF. When I started Directing, I fell in love with the audience, the non-actor, the civilian. The audience became my mistress, my soul mate, my partner, my lover, whose feelings and thoughts superseded my own.

When you see a “Great Movie,” that affects you and you think about it for days, that feeling never leaves, you have just witnessed the Writer, Director and the Actors who made YOU first and foremost, you were just made loved to my friends and YOUR lover was “The X-factor.”