“First prepare the Instrument for Success.”

(Applies to any Desired Objective).


If your focus is on attaining “Sudden Success,” your are creating and being driven by Karma. There are two ways in which to Attain, “Sudden Success.” They are:

PHYSICALLY… “Doing It” and “Doing It” Day after Day after Day with Professionals that pertain to your “Desired Objective”
(for Actors, being on a professional set everyday),
If not possible:


COMPLETE FOCUS…on “The Right Practice,” Day after Day after Day that pertains to the “Three Elements” that Drive the “Instrument” to the Desired Objective, They are:
The VOCAL: Tongue, Breathing, Diction exercises, mastering Standard American Speech, Foreign Languages.
The INTELLECT: “Emptying the Mind” first of all Preconceived Ideas and Thoughts. “Making Room.”
The PHYSICAL: Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi Chaun, Chi Gong, Ballet, Aerobics, Natural Physical Exercises.
This prepares “The Star Gate” (the body) to open the door allowing what you already possess to Emerge.
Actors are the combination of: Athletes, Musicians and Artist, the difference is, they must first “Build their Own Instrument,” for their own “Emotions” to express themselves. What they are Not is, “Talking Heads.” Acting is Not about Emotions.
“Geniuses” are Travelers from another Dimension, searching for ‘The Right Soul” in which to express their “Knowledge.”
Classrooms, Colleges and Gyms stifle “Genius,” they do not “Create” them. They Strengthen that which Blocks Genius…”The Ego.”
Do I believe in “Acting Classes” NO!!! What I believe in is: “Acting Practice” but, “The Right Practice,” Preparing the “Body” to carry out it’s Job. Acting is a Physical Thing, it is not a Gift, it Manifests from “HARD WORK,” through Commitment, Discipline, Passion, Trust and Patience.
The Five Things most Actor’s lack, only because they are Not made aware of it. How can you trust something when you know not from “Whence or Where” it came,” and “Why IT Chose YOU.”