TECHNOLOGY (left brain) Vs NATURE (right brain)


There is only “One Force” on earth that can stop the “Advancement of Technology,” “SIMPLICITY”

When Bruce Lee said: “SIMPLICITY is the Last Step of Art and the Beginning of NATURE,” he was talking to the “ARTIST,” and had no idea that the “Jaws of Technology” would have an appetite for the “SIMPLICITY of ART.”

“SIMPLICITY” can only exist in “Slow & Sustained,” Chewing opposed to Gulping, it targets the “Emotion.” “SIMPLICITY” is Fore Play, eyes closed, it “Touches and Feels” it’s way to the target, the Satisfaction of the “AUDIENCE.”

“TECHNOLOGY” sees it’s target and rushes to it for the sake of it’s “Own Satisfaction.” As “Political Correctness” and “Affirmative Action” has all but wiped out the ” “SIMPLICITY of Fairness,” “TECHNOLOGY” is wiping out the “SIMPLICITY of Art.”

For the “Actor,” that “SIMPLICITY” is “SMALL LIVE THEATRE.” The “Heartbreak” is watching it, as it “Limps & Stumbles” into “EXTINCTION.”

“PROTESTING” is the “New Art” and “Entertainment,” “LOGIC” superseding “PASSION.” “PROTESTING” has become a “Weapon,” stimulating “Killing,” for “Self Satisfaction,” “LIVE SMALL THEATRE” is also a “Weapon,” but it “Stimulates” the “Need for Creativity,” and the “Desire to Witness it.”


“ADOPT a DOG,” it will be the “Best Gift of SIMPLICITY” you will ever “GIVE” or “GET.”