The book: THE ACTOR: “Living Between Two Worlds”



Only one will survive the “Poisonous Activity of Criticism.”


“Talent and Skill” are merely weapons, swords, they have no power, no force, they are not the engine that drives “Desire.” They are rooted in the soil of “Obedience,” “obey and be safe.” Training for the purpose of discovering Talent and developing Skill only strengthens the “Roots of Obedience.” But training for the purpose of “Strength and Will” nurtures the soil of “Fearless,” a readiness to make choices, regardless of “Success or Failure.” This focuses on the Who (self), not the What (personality).


Beginning first with the process of “Patience & Trust,” is what brings to the surface the Actor’s “Strength & Will,” dragging with it hidden “Talent” and the “Skills” to develop it. For this reason, when you prioritize teaching and learning the “craft of Acting, you interfere with the discovery of it’s “Art.” Why? Because like all “Creativity,” it already exist and is waiting to be discovered.


“Strength & Will” require first, the practice and repetition of “Patience & Trust.” Therefore, Strength & Will are what develop and expand “Fearless” in the the Actor, and Fearless is the world in which the weapons of Talent & Skill survive the poisonous activity of the only enemy the Actor confronts on a daily basis, “Rejection,” Talent & Skill may unlock the door, Strength & Will “Open It.”


Talent & Skill will crumble in the when faced with severe criticism, Strength & Will will “Survive and Conquer” it.



“Within ‘Greatness’ there is an element of obedience,’ in ‘Genius’ there is Boldness and Daring.”