The Actor’s World

“I’ve tried to live my life so that my family would love
me and my friends respect me.
The others can do whatever the hell they please.”
John Wayne

An Actor is an “Employer,” they employ an Actor, “Stars and working Actors” on the other hand have several employees to look after, both their “business and personal” needs.”


I am Greg Serrao, I employ Gregory Bach (the Actor). My hope is, Gregory Bach (the Actor) can make it possible for Greg Serrao to hire employees to take care of him, so he may take care of his “Family, Friends and Loved ones.”

Gregory Bach is an employee of Greg Serrao, so Gregory Bach must not be blinded by “Guilt, Compassion, Responsibility and the Need to Please.” He must answer to no one except his employer, his “Loyalty” is exclusive, he Gregory Bach (the Actor) has NO “Family, Friends or Loved ones.”

Greg Serrao on the other hand, must remain Who he is with both “Compassion and Loyalty” to HIS “Family, Friends and Loved Ones.”


He is the CEO of his business and must hire others to aid him in each facet to “Succeed & Sustain” in a business world where the “odds” are against his or her “Success and Sustainability,” where “Luck,” being at the right place at the right time supersedes “Talent or Skill…” BUT, it is also a business where the “Odds” are NO match for…”Passion, Perseverance, a Deaf Ear to the word NO and a very large set of Old fashion Balls.”