“What inspiration, they delivered a slab of marble, I took away what was not needed and there was David.”


Art or Craft?

Acting is not a craft, it is an Art and Artist/Actors are not made, they are discovered. MichaelAngelo did not make David, he found him in a slab of marble, Beethoven did not create the 5th, it was whispered to him, perhaps if he were not deaf, the message would have been muffled by the noise.

Some actors are ‘arrogant, self-centered,’ some ‘obnoxious and stand-offish,’  most are ‘genuine,’ so forgive them, “Rejection” tears at the heart and rapes the the soul, for the actor, it is on a daily basis. Those who survive the journey were chosen to make the day to day struggles for us a little more bearable and they do it through struggles of the characters they play.

Going to a movie, no matter how young or old is an experience never forgotten, it can change a life. As Orson Wales said:  “a poet needs a pen, a painter, a brush, a filmmaker, an army.”

The only forgiveness for the Artist/Actor who quits is, they no longer hear the whispers.