“Hollywood and it’s Stars,” the “Government and it’s Politicians,” “Industry and it’s Employees” are like the “King’s Court” and it’s “Courtiers.” Never be so self-absorbed as to believe that the “Gatekeepers and Key Holders,” are interested in your Criticisms of them, no matter how accurate.

Never imagine that “Skill & Talent” are all that is needed. The greatest ‘Skill” of all is the ability to make “The Masters” look more Talented than those around them.

“Ass Kissing” in the “Workplace” is a “Social Skill,” “Talent & Skill” are “Pee Shooters,” “ASS KISSING” is the “Guns of Navarone,” but, only if your Guns are pointed at the “RIGHT ASSES.”

(Partially inspired by “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene)
But mostly by watching the “Critic’s Choice” award show last night.


When choosing the Hosts for the Awards Shows, one must not accept what “Floats around in the Bucket,” one must go deeper into the “WELL” to find the BOB HOPES, JOHNNY CARSONS, BILLY CRYSTALS, STEVE MARTINS, ETC., whose “Social Grace and Class,” allowed them to just merely stand there and trigger “Laughter and Applause.” Not rely on “Tricks & Shtick,” heads so far up the “Audience’s Asses” that whatever “Talent or Skill” they “Might” possess is smothered.

“Social Grace” trumps “Social Skills” in any Endeavor.
“There is “Nothing” more Powerful than “Doing Nothing.”