The Audition & The Schoolyard Bully

and the “Sweet Taste”


“The Lobby of the ‘AUDITION PROCESS’ is not for ‘going over lines, ‘primping’ ‘checking messages,’ etc. it’s for going down, deep in ‘the Well,’ finding your ‘Choice’ and hoisting up a bucketful of the ‘Fuck You Attitude,’ ‘You’ called Me, here ‘I’ am.”

The “NEED to PLEASE” is the Sire of “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS,” it breaks the Actor’s “Spirit of Individuality,” and “Self Definition.” It disrupts “Choices,” it pulls the Actor back not nudging forward. It is taught at an early age and it is learned at “RECESS,” in the “SCHOOLYARD PLAYGROUND” and the Teacher, the Schoolyard BULLY…”Please ME and you won’t get a knuckle sandwich.”

The threat of Expulsion from the Tribe is the “Fundamental Fear,” it is what Breeds “Amateurs & Addicts.” For the Actor it is the “Sucker Punch” during the “AUDITION,” not before or after, but at that exact moment when “FREEDOM” is within reach, but the Actor “Pulls Back,” remembers the Rules of the “Schoolyard Playground” and “Plays it Safe…” TO BE CONTD.

NOTE: (not meant for just Actors, Actors are the “Real Thing” first)

I have a whole chapter on this, because I find the importance of this to be at the very “Core” of why some Actors (deserving of success) do not realize, it is IN and AT “The AUDITION PROCESS” when their name is called, it is the “Unconscious Motivation” of the “EGO” that walks in and “Sabotages” that “One Moment” that could “Change” everything, “CHANGE” the “EGO” will Not Allow.

We are wired to “Remember,” what we “Remember” determines “What” we will become.