Money in the Bank:


“You can steal the water, but you can’t steal the well.”




“Faith” for the Actor is like “having money in the bank,” it is the only thing that guarantee’s “Independence,” to need, to depend, to rely on no one except themselves. Without it, “passion, talent, skill, become limited, it render’s the Actor to “borrow “Faith” from others, it is a debt that never get’s repaid. Soon their buckets come up empty. In Hollywood, “Dependence” is not only a weapon, it is also the hand that holds the weapon. Only those with “Faith” in themselves survive.


The absence of “Faith” is a road that leads to a “dead end.” Therefore, “training” does not strengthen “Faith,” it’s purpose, to transform the “body & mind” of the Actor, it develop’s “skill” and uncovers “talent.” “Faith” on the other hand is what the Actor possesses.


“Passion, Talent and Skill” can and will join in the process of “giving up.” “Faith” has no such intention, it interrupts “quitting.” It is the only fuel that nurture’s “Sustainability.” “Faith” cannot be taught or learned, it is discovered, because it already exist within, that search should be the Actor’s first priority. The teacher or trainer who ignores the Actor’s passion, “talent and skills,” but first encourages the actor to first “go within” and find the “Faith” in themselves is the right teacher or trainer.


Having “Faith” or to be encouraged by others to have “Faith” in one’s self is what unleashes one’s “true calling.” One should “take credit” for nothing except having “Faith” in themselves and encouraging others to do the same. When the Actor has “Faith” in themselves, they already have “Faith” in God.


The “Absence of Faith” is why, what the Actor desires, fails. The Actor must have “Faith” in what wished for, that “Passion” for it, will happen.