The book: The ” FEARLESS ACTOR” “obedient or bold


In Hollywood, the word “NO” is a “Power Word,” who says it first has the “Power.”




Can you imagine if nine out of ten “American Actors” would say…””NO” I will not send you a selphie in lieu of a headshot for which I paid hundreds of dollars for, “NO” I will not video tape my audition at home and send it to you, “NO” I will not pay you to “cold read” me. That is not MY job, it is YOURS. Showing up in person to an audition is part of my job as an actor and it is a big part of my “Passion” to be an actor, for which I have tremendous “Faith” will materialize.


For the actor, the courage to say “NO” is a “Medal of Honor” and it reads boldly, “FAITH above COMPROMISE.” I am the only one who posses the “Faith” to believe in ME, that is my only “Expectation.”


“Strength & Will” is the uniform of “Talent & Skill,” it cannot be seen or touched, only felt, it is what puffs up “Charisma,” IT above all attracts the “Gatekeepers,” they see “Talent & Skill,” but it is “Strength & Will” that touches them and what touches others is what YOU are feeling.


Without “Strength & Will” you will undoubtably and eventually compromise your belief in yourself. Without “Strength & Will,” “Faith” will weaken to the onslaught of, “Criticism, Suggestions and Opinions,” the “Strength & Will” to say “NO” will have no power. The ‘Strength & Will” to say “NO” forces Obedience from others to say “YES” to YOUR “NO.”


When the actor hears “YES,” that is the first step for what lies ahead, it enhances “Faith,” and “Faith” is the “Substance of Creativity,” without Compromise.