The Four Horses

“The best way to train someone is to allow them to be ‘Mischievous,’ let them do what they want and ‘Watch’ them.”


“There are four kinds of horses, Excellent ones, Good ones, Poor ones and Bad ones.

  • The BEST HORSE will run slow and fast, right or left at the driver’s will, BEFORE it sees the shadow of the whip;
  • The SECOND BEST will run as well as the First one does, just BEFORE the whip reaches it’s skin;
  • The THIRD ONE will run when it Feels pain on it’s body;
  • The FOURTH ONE will run AFTER it feels the pain penetrate to the marrow of it’s bones.”

“You can only imagine how difficult it is for the Fourth Horse to learn how to run.”
Shunryu Suzuki

Whether you have read this before or not, it’s real value is to keep revisiting it, so please DO NOT pigeon hole these Horses in order to judge yourself or others, the First doesn’t mean the best and the Fourth doesn’t mean the worst.

Every Horse is different as you are, no one else is either better or worse than you. When you understand “The Four Horse,” every horse relates to you in different situations as they do everyone else.

They do not respond to logic (the left brain, judging), they are meant to awaken you to YOUR “True Nature.” How you discover what you do best is feeling the “Passion” you have while doing it, so “DO IT” in spite of what other’s may think. You now have Four Horses to help you find your “True Nature.”

My personal hero is, “ZORRO,” whenever I’m on a journey, I go into my cave, pick my favorite Horse, look it straight in the eyes, jump on and ride that S.O.B. until it sweats and pants, give it a break and a little water and jump on again.