Continuing yesterday’s post on, FLY HIGH and FALL HARD, the Life of the Artist.


“Genius suddenly comes to life and speaks out of a vacuum and then it is silent, equally mysteriously.”
Paul Johnson
from: “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle

Is Talent, Genius born, is it luck or is it simply “Hard Work? ” (“oops, we’re not a loud to say that anymore, screw it, I’m saying it anyway). The Phenomenon of the Renaissance era “Grew Talent,” it wasn’t handed out like k-rations, “everyone get’s a trophy.” Those Geniuses were apprentices living and “WORKING HARD” with the “Masters” at a very, very early age, as young as seven and what was produced?…”EXCELLENCE.”

They weren’t sitting in classrooms listening to lectures, theories etc. marching around protesting (whining) for their rights, they were Physically working at it, from the bottom up. “Failing,” trying again, failing again, trying again. “Talent and Genius” is not born in us, it is “Driven out of us,” through “Hard Work,” making Mistakes, until Mistakes disappear.

Today, instead of “Growing Talent” were “Assigning” it to those who don’t deserve it or “Work Hard” for it. But we Do have our “MichaelAngelo’s, da Vinci’s,” etc. And I know someday we’ll see them again, but not now, not until we instill in our “YOUTH” the importance of “HARD WORK,” and we “Fundamentally” change “BACK” to Who and What we Were.

You want to know WHO to Choose, Look at HIS hands or look in HER Eyes. “Words” we use are not earned, most of the time, they’re “Masking” something we’re hiding or Fear to Reveal. “Hands and Eyes” CANNOT lie, they have Nothing to hide only “Reveal” that which we are most Proud of.

We need to start Focusing on getting back in our lives, “ART” and the “Geniuses” who gave it to us, through they’re “HARD WORK.” I watch Football, Boxing because I love the Athletes whose “Hard Work” makes it possible to enjoy it. I have and will never bet on any Sport, I don’t know what Fantasy Football is and don’t care to, watching Sports for me is like watching Art, to just Simply enjoy it.

…And I Enjoy putting My Hands on three things, my Wife, my Pets and the Dirt in my Yard.