“In order to be SUCCESSFUL, you must always continue to do…SOMETHING.”



…is a Single Minded Effort, it is always going somewhere, if it were to be made Wider or Narrower, it’s Journey would be disastrous. Therefore to have a “Single Minded Effort” is to stay on the Track and not think about the Track or it’s Destination. “Wrong Practice” becomes “Wrong Attitude” towards the Goal, the Goal becomes more important than the Destination.

To “Cook a Meal” should not be for yourself or someone else, it should only be to Appreciate the “Something” you are “Doing.” If you “Cook a Meal” for yourself or others, it is not an “Expression of Sincerity,” it will lose it’s “Appreciation.” Therefore the only difference between “Cooking a Meal” and “Acting,” is the…”ATTITUDE.”

This is the “Attitude” an Actor brings to the Audition, to the Set, to the Director and to the…”AUDIENCE.” For the Actor, the Railroad Track is their Body, a means by which they travel The Journey. “Right Practice” create’s “Right Attitude,” and when that Journey ends, it ends with either “Right Attitude” or “Wrong Attitude.”

It was NOT the “Biscotti’s and Sauce,” that “Mom and Grandma” made that we loved so much, it was the “Expression of Sincerity” by which they Created them that we “Loved and Appreciated.” “Right and Wrong,” “Good and Bad” already exist, it is the “Attitude” that determines which will emerge. For the Actor, it is the “Audience’s Attitude of Appreciation” that relies on the Actor’s “Expression of Sincerity” that determines the “Life or Death” of the Actor’s Journey.

Actors, your “Attitude” off Camera is the same “Attitude” you will bring to the Camera (“Audience,”), your “Expression of Sincerity” is what will determine the  Audience’s  “Unconditional Loyalty” towards the Actor and it is the Actor’s “Physical Behavior” that signals their “Internal Attitude.” So, be careful what you are “Off Camera,” because that is exactly what you will bring to the Camera.

Our “Expression of Sincerity,” towards our “PETS” is their  “Expression of Appreciation” that determines their “Unconditional Loyalty” towards us.


Actors… “GET A PET.”