“When the ‘Rich & Famous’ hang out with only the ‘Rich & Famous,’ they lose that ‘Real Thing,’ that quality that made them ‘Real,’ Averageness.”
There are two things I don’t like to talk about, “Politics and Religion,” best way to lose a friend. So I’m going to mention one of them, BUT, only to make a point.


During the Republican Debate ( I’m sure will be the same for the Democratic one) last month, I never imagined so much “Horse shit” could be shoveled into one room, until they got to this one average looking fellow, a warm smile and unassuming, looked the World in the eye and said…’I’m just a Doctor I save lives.” He went from “Zero to Hero” in thirty seconds and it didn’t matter what his race, culture, gender was, he slammed a “Home Run” right into the Souls of the American people, hungering for “The Real Thing.”

Not since our Sixteenth President has this happened and it’s going to happen again if he sustains that “Real Thing Quality.” It has ‘Nothing” to do with Politics, not to the Average Guy & Gal. “So hang in there Pal, your going to have a new address if you do.”

One of the greatest Horse Racer of all time looked like it should be pulling a plow, not winning the Triple Crown by thirty lengths. Marlon Brando and Elenora Duse (Italian silent film star) were the only two actors who pulled this off, they remained what seemed average to their audience. It’s why Brando is so revered by other actors, he had what they were and are unable to release, “Averageness.”

And this is why I write on Facebook, I feel like I touch the nerve of “The Real Thing.” If your an Actor, stop calling yourself that. For me, I consider myself an Electrician, a husband, a father, a Grandfather, a neighbor, a friend to a friend, I sit on the toilet and think like everyone else, I work in my yard, I sit on my ass and watch bad T.V., I act like a kid to my dog and cat, I piss off my wife being an idiot most of the time, I M.F. other drivers, I smile at little children, I like doing dishes, but lie about my back hurting about doing windows or other house chores. It is a full time job for me to remain an adult, I hate that shit. And like Stanley Kowalski in “A Streetcar Named Desire”… “I love my Wife.”

For the Actor, doing a character is not what’s most important, portraying what that character “Stands For” is what is most important. Like Stanley, he loved his wife, like Stella, she loved her husband, Like Zapata, he loved his people, Like Rhett Butler, he loved Scarlet, like Scarlet, she loved Tara, Like Howard Rourke, he loved his work, this is what made those Stars so adored.