“THE SUCKER PUNCH” Making Decision

“THE SUCKER PUNCH” Making Decisions

‘Who I am,” GOD created, “Who I was,” Others created, “Who I will Become,” I Create.

The victims of “THE SUCKER PUNCH” (blindsided by the ideas & thoughts of others, especially Family, Friends & Loved Ones, “Media”), targets, “Who We Were,” it is familiar territory, they pilfered that little piece of Real Estate long ago, they set up residence and refuse to leave, they never shut up, they want what they want, not “Who you Are” wants or needs.

“Making Decisions” should be based on “Who we Are” (exists), not “Who we Were” (no longer exists), or “Who we will Become” (does not yet exists).
“When who we Are” is no longer influenced by “Who we Were,” “Who we will Become” is “Who we really Are.” Are “YOU” confused, maybe it’s those “noisy little rat bastards” in your head, (“Who you Were”) that are confused.
Be “Who ‘YOU’ Are” but…