“Here’s you Hat, what’s your Hurry.”

For our “Physical Health” we must learn how to “Breathe,” for our “Mental Health,” we must learn how to “Think.”

The Kitchen is the “Life Source” of the home, this is where we find “The Swinging Door,” Food comes in and Food goes out, if not, it begins to “Rot & Stink.”

Fish “Live and Breathe” in water, we “Live and Breathe” in “Energy.” We bring it in and let it out, Energy is Energy, it is both “Positive and Negative,” but in the absence of “A Swinging Door,” it becomes “Negative” and begins to “Rot & Stink.”

“News, Politics and Religion” are both “Positive and Negative Energy,” for these two, in the absence of “A Swinging Door” can begin to “Rot & Stink,” as well.

We learn and Accomplish many things in our Lifetime, unfortunately, “Breathing and Thinking” is not one of them. Without the “Proper Breath” we have no proper “Physical Life,” and without the “Proper Thought,” we have no proper “Mental Life.”

Here’s what’s on “MY” Mind:

Our “Enemy” today has no “Mental Swinging Door,” their Thinking “ROTS & STINKS,” and when something “Rots & Stinks” it Permeates “EVERYTHING” and make no mistake, “EVERYTHING.” So, what should our “Priority be when choosing our next “LEADER,” the “Weather,” “Economy” or what “ROTS & STINKS.”

This is also true for “Creativity,” it begins with a “Thought,” if “Withheld,” begins to “Rot & Stink,” it must be shared, that is it’s “Sole (Soul) Purpose.” That is my “Sole Purpose” for posting on F.B. “For my ‘Soul.”