“THINKING” (the Enemy Within)


“THINKING” (The Enemy Within)

There it is…the ” Voice of the Ego,” the “Influencer,” and it never “Shuts Up.” I call it the “Choice Maker.” It chooses our “Paths,” some “Green & Fragrant,” some “Brown & Dark,” some “Rocky & Unpredictable.” It is the “Narrator” of our “Past, Present and Future,” it is in constant “Conflict” with our “Instincts” AND, it is the “ACTORS” worst enemy, the “Audition Nightmare,” it diminishes Natural Energy, triggering “Anticipation & Expectation” and it will never apologize for it’s “Bad Advise,” It’s “Venom” is Excuses, it’s Mission, “Protect the Ego.”

“INSTINCTS” do not have a “VOICE,” they are “SUBTLE NUDGERS.”
But, worst of all, the “Voice Within” has an uncanny ability to disguise itself as “Artistic Instincts,” it is the Amateur who doesn’t know the difference, too “Inexperienced and Untrained” to differentiate “Instinct from Ego.” It is the Amateur who does what it is told, does what the “Thinking Voice” tells them.

And for those who “Think” this post is only meant for Actors and not the Non-Actor, ask your “Chatter Box,” am I listening to the “Voice of the Ego” or the the “Nudge of the Instincts.”

“Prepare the Mind,” then the “Body,” but first, tell yourself to: