To the Impatient, Untrusting & Unhappy Protesters

To the “Impatient, Untrusting & Unhappy” Protesters:

“The Older I Get, the Smarter my Father Gets.”

“WISDOM” is not a Gift, it’s Earned and it “WAITS,” “Patiently” and “Anxiously” for us All. “PATIENCE,” we learn from our Mothers, “TRUST,” we learn from our Fathers.
Learn to “Reach,” not “Grab.” “Patience & Trust,” is what helps to extend that “Reach,” and it is a sign of “Maturity” and that one is “Truly Compassionate.”
This Man not only needs our “Prayers,” he needs our “Patience & Trust.” Those were his only Companions when “he did,” what “he did Alone” and against all Odds. When one is capable of that, one is capable to “Get Done” what one “Promises.”
The absence of “Patience & Trust” Triggers “Fear,” to “Possess” them signals “Strength of Character.” Hurt, Harm and Destruction is the result of what “Children” do best, “Throw Tantrums” when they don’t get their way.
“Patience & Trust” was awarded our “Sitting President,” our “President Elect” deserves the same reward, let’s make “That part of the Transition” as well.
Show us “Old Farts” what “You Got,” remember, where you are now, we were there many, many times, what your feeling, we felt many times, what you lost, we lost many times and what is our proof…”Gray Hair.”

“Any man who tries to be good all the time is bound to come to ruin among the great numbers who are not good.’
Niccolo Machiavelli