We  as humans  are always looking for a Reason, a reason why things happen, when that happens, what we are trying to Understand vanishes.

Chasing a “Reason Why” is like chasing a butterfly that is constantly alluding you, ignore it and it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.


Take Dogs and Cats for instance, Dogs are like humans, Cats aren’t, a Dog like humans crave attention, the more you give it, the more it gives you. Cats want it when They want it. They’re observers, they like to get involved, Dogs like humans, want you to get involved in them. Cats are Secure and Confident, Independent, they could care less, they’re not needy, They are the Choosers, not the Chosen. Dogs depend on being Chosen, they are Dependent.

Cats will rub up against your leg and purr and in an instant, scratch the hell out of you for no reason. They are Unpredictable and can turn on you in a flash, a Dog will turn on those they don’t trust, Cats have no need or desire to trust, that’s how they survive.


I believe we are either a Dog or a Cat, and when WE choose others to be our Lovers and or Friends, we should “Understand” WHAT, not WHO we are choosing. “Understanding” is a Cat, ignore it and it will come to you, rub itself up against you and purr, so, Acknowledge and Accept it, but leave it alone, let it do it’s thing.


If the Actor were to choose to be something “Internally” on an Audition, I would, under No circumstance choose a Dog, I would choose a Cat. This is the Essence of an Audition.


Our Spiritual Balance is “ANIMUS” (male),  “ANIMA” (female), our earthly Human Balance is “LIKABILITY” (male, predictable), ‘DANGER” (female, unpredictable). This is “Human Nature.” For the Actor to only Understanding Acting is not enough, Understanding “Human Nature” is vital. For the Actor, Achieving a perfect balance of “ANIMA and ANIMUS” will not only get them the Work, it will Epitomize their Work. It will set them apart from the others, to be the only  one doing what they do.


There were only two Actors in the history of Acting who Achieved this, Elenora Duse and Marlon Brando, they had a perfect balance of and the courage to allow both the “Male and Female” part of them to emerge into their work and we have not since, seen that “Genius.”

Their Gift…They never bothered or tried to “Understand” it, they left it alone.


Trying to Understand the Present and the Future, is trying to know something that does not yet exist, the past does exist, in our minds, but it does exist and it has a Meaning and a Message, they are Mistakes, Failures and Successes. Accept the Present, Learn from the Past and leave the Future alone.

“I KNOW NOT,” is the Prelude to “Experience” and from that, Knowledge emerges. “Forgetting the Past,” is a HUGE mistake. ‘Understanding” this, is Understanding, “UNDERSTANDING.”