“Was it Worth it?”

ACTORS (non-actors):

“Be with those or Create for yourself an ‘Environment’ where your work is ‘VALUED,’ and doing your work is ‘ENCOURAGED’.”

…there it is, the big daddy, the Godfather of all the notes, “Tattoo that are your arm.” Burn it into your brain, make it your Mantra, say it to yourself all day, make it the last thing you think before sleep and the first thing upon awakening. It is the playing field to Confidence, Self-Confidence, it unleashes the Creative Impulses, it Heightens Focus, it creates Success and makes Stars, it manifests Excitement that cannot be matched and it is as vitally important to the non-actor as it is to the Actor/Artist, BUT BE CAREFUL…

…you will leave the Place of “Playing it Safe” to the sacred ground of “Taking Risks,” meaning, you may lose the comfort of family, Friends & Loved Ones, you will make enemies that may last a lifetime. You  will develop the scent of a “Risk Taker,” You also develop a single minded focus, that you vow to “Risk it All for Creativity.”

If you survive, you will no longer “FEAR” the ‘Suits,’ the ‘Gatekeepers,’ and you will thumb your nose at ‘Rejection.’ You will become unique, being the only one who is doing what You and You alone are doing. You will be haunted by the subtle voice in your head, ‘What do I Want and What am I Willing to Risk to get It.”

This is where the Actor/Artist starts. It’s the Foundation before the structure of training begins, the auditioning, the work, etc. and it begins with these five things:

COMMITMENT, DISCIPLINE, PASSION, TRUST & the most important…”PATIENCE.”   This is the ‘Spine’ of any successful endeavor, these are the strengths of the Inner-Will, the Soul. They are the support to help with the agony of the Risks and the thrill of the Survival. Then the subtle voice of “WAS IT WORTH IT.”