WHAT’S not being TAUGHT


“WHAT is NOT being TAUGHT”


…the ACTOR” brings with them to the camera are the same “Three Things” they possess as a “Normal Human Being,” if not, they would be considered “Not Normal,” maybe even “Insane.”

“ANTICIPATION” becomes a “SIN” if the Actor “Anticipates” but their Character “Does Not.”

“FAMILIARITY” becomes a “SIN” if the Actor’s Character projects “Familiarity” in an “Unfamiliar” situation or “Unfamiliarity” in a “Familiar” situation. (is this the first time the Actor has been on the set, but the Character has been their numerous times or vise versa)

“MEMORY” becomes a “SIN” if the Actor (but the Character does not) remembers a situation due to “Memorization” and “Repetition.”

The “ONE MISTAKE” most Actors make is, they “Want To” and “Enjoy” being in a “Scene” that gives them the opportunity to “ACT,” not realizing it renders them to NOT ask themselves “Two important Questions,” right before the Camera Rolls.
Does my Character “Want” to be in the Scene? or
Does my Character “NOT” want to be in the Scene?
(How many Scenes have you been in life that you “Did Not” want to be in or vise versa)

The “Actor’s Passion” to be an Actor, is the Driving Force that “Manifests Mediocrity.” Once wanting to be an Actor is no longer important, the “Four Elements,” VOCAL, INTELLECT, PHYSICAL & EMOTION, that the Actor possesses in their Lives find “Freedom of Expression” on Camera.

To have a “Passion, Profession or Means of Support” other than Acting, brings to the Camera what the Actor is “Off” Camera…


FOOTNOTE: The anagram V.I.P.E. was created by the late Acting Coach “Mr SAL DANO.”