Former acting coach to KEVIN COSTNER and author of “ACTING”  Simple & Direct, is now conducting   Film & T.V. workshops in Murrieta & Temecula areas.

Actors are  NOT Artists, they are Athletes and should be trained like “World Class” athletes. Being brought to the very edge of their ability by the process of “Making Mistakes” through “Repetition.”

This is how the actor becomes “Director Ready” and “Win Auditions.” What normally could take years, can now take only “Weeks.”

  • Learn the “Five Key Ingredients” the “A-List” actors possess.
  • Learn to make the transition from T.V. to Films and visa versa.
  • Learn what the “Four Pistons” are that makes one’s physical body into an “Acting Instrument.”
  • Learn how to be “Director Ready” and “Casting Director Ready” in “WEEKS.”
  • Learn ‘Now” what takes others “Years.”
  • Learn the difference between an “Acting Teacher” and an “Acting Coach.”
  • Learn what is the “Hardest “Thing” (that one word) to do as an actor.
  • Learn what is NOT being taught anywhere else.
  • Learn why there are many actors who are “Flies” and very few who possess the Genius of a “Frog.”

“Boldness” and “Aggressiveness” is the “Actor/Athlete’s” Prime Ingredient, but useless if one cannot “BACK IT UP.”

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NOTE: 18 yrs. and older only. The “beginner and Inexperience are not only Welcome, They are Encouraged.

Thank you and hope to see you soon.

Gregory Bach

Acting Classes and Seminars