“What happens in front of the Camera or on Stage is a ‘Lie,’ the Actor/Director’s job is to turn that Lie into ‘Reality’ without getting ‘Real’.”


A “Scene Study Workshop” should have one purpose and that is putting the VIPE (Vocal,Intellect, Physical, Emotion, the actor’s talents), behind the “Wheel of the Scene,” and the Instructor (director) must be present at all times. If you are in my Scene Study Workshop, it means you fully understand the importance of and the functioning of the Actor’s four elements (talents) that dwells in the “Real Self,” and is the “Core” the Actor’s Instrument.

In the Real World and with Real People, a Scene comes at us, Forcing it’s way, Unannounced, Interrupting, Interfering and Intruding into each of our lives, at a particular moment with a Fierceness that can Disable the Preplanned Intentions of the V.I.P.E. whether it be Funny (comedy) or Sad (drama). The Actor/Director’s job is to make it “Look like that.”

1- Getting the Actor “Director Ready.”

2-Commitment, Discipline, Passion, Trust &  “PATIENCE.”

3-Recieve, Comprehend, Apply & Execute

4-Antisapation, Familiarity & Memory

5-The Five S’s:  STILLNESS, SIMPLICITY, SUBTLETY, SILENCE, SECRECY (the absolute necessity for Film Acting).

And more, much more…

VIPE was created by the late Acting Coach, Mr. Sal Dano