Did you ever get that advise? If you did, “Forget It,” if your about to, “head for the nearest exit.” I did and it was always from “Losers.”

To “Achieve Something,” one must go to a place they’ve never been and come back “With It,” but not “until then.” One cannot “gain yardage” by stopping at “speed bumps,” slow down, but keep moving, the body is meant to “Keep Moving,” it should stop, only when the “Heart Stops.” Even when we sleep, the body is “Healing Itself.” It is the “AMATEUR” that stops at the first sign of trouble.
One is considered, a Racist, a Bigot, if a “Racist Comment” is made at the “Workplace,” but “Forced Early Retirement” due to “Age,” is permitted. “Children, Youth” are Coddled, Spoiled and Revered, “Middle Age” no longer taken serious, the “Elderly” ignored.

When I go on on Auditions, the lobby is filled with “Men and Women” in their late 70”, 80’s, even some in their 90’s, I watch some of them as they limp in, squinting as they look for the sign in sheet, their hand shaking as they write, confused about the date and time (and you would be surprised if you look hard, you will recognize some of them from early T.V. and Movies), but there is one thing that is obvious, everyone of them are “Smiling” and look “Happy,” making a joke with the younger Actors, as if to say, “I’m still here Kiddos.” What else surprises me is, the “Younger Actors” are “quick to help” and treat them with “Respect.” The “Audition Lobby” is a place of extreme “Humility and Humbleness,” “Friendliness,” Why? Everyone is in the same boat, “Anticipation and Fear” of the “Unexpected.”
Hollywood is a Workplace where “Aging and Retirement Age” is not only “Acceptable,” but it is “Encouraged,” it is that “Final Touch” that makes any scene believable. Trying to avoid “Aging” is the one thing “Nature” will not stand for, no one get’s a pass.

Retiring is a fancy word for “Dying,” “Traveling and Playing “Golf,” etc. is “Recreation,” not “Creation,” Nature knows the difference, so “Cut the Bullshit,” there is and always was, “Work to be Done,” even if it’s “Pro Bono.”


“Your in over your head…” “Yeah, maybe so, but I’m ‘Still Here’ asshole.”